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Tim Horhota, Certified member of the Canadian Golf Teachers Federation


Please be prepared to present your vaccination documentation if requested.

Private and Semi-private Full Swing Instruction:

Let me help you to develop your golf swing and build confidence in the privacy and comfort of my fully equipped teaching studio. Be prepared for a fun and fast paced learning experience enhanced by the extensive use of video feedback. You will find learning is much easier when viewing your swings on the monitors as I explain what we need to work on.

Seeing yourself on video is VERY enlightening!


Initially, our emphasis is on understanding and implementing the fundamentals; establishing / reviewing your ‘pre-shot routine’  which transitions into  your ‘setup routine’ ( Grip, stance, posture, ball positioning, and alignment to your initial target line). Inconsistency is the hallmark of golfers not familiar with these ‘routines’ . While the ‘basics’ certainly don’t  sound exciting, they are the secret to achieving consistent results that every golfer hopes for. Once we have your setup properly established, adjustments or changes to your swing will feel very natural. Balance and effortless power will inevitably follow.

‘How soon till I see improvement?’  Simply put, it’s your commitment and enthusiasm (and practice!) will ultimately determine how quickly you can take your new swing to the course.

Are you ready for the challenge?

*NEW – Flightscope Mevo Plus Launch Monitor and Virtual Golf Simulator.

For the advanced golfer,  Flightscope’s Mevo Plus launch monitor helps us refine your game. It provides accurate  of your ball flight characteristics. It is also a virtual golf simulator! Its fun and a great way to practice.

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