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Accessories for your Optishot System

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Artificial Turf Tee Plugs *(see note)

A really neat idea for Optishot Users or anyone using a commercial golf mat with a rubber tee!

Enjoy the same advantage as those using thick tee line turf –  use a tee only when you need it!

Each Turf Tee Plug is handcrafted from the best tee line turf on the market. Densely interwoven fibers hold the tee securely.

 Replace the rubber tee with an artificial turf plug which allows the ball to sit flush with the surface of the mat when a tee is not required. Simply insert a wooden or plastic tee into the turf plug as needed. You’ll never have to take your system apart to remove broken tee stubs anymore either! Even better if you’ve been using the plastic tees that need pliers to extract. And Turf Tee Plugs are incredibly durable.

Customer feedback has been awesome!

* Original Optishot users, Please note the tee plug is 3/4″ in diameter. Older base units have a plastic ‘sleeve’ which guides the rubber tee. The plug won’t fit unless the sleeve is removed. This piece frequently falls or breaks off on it’s own as is the case with my own unit, but can be removed with a couple of gentle twists and /or wiggles using pliers. Optishot 2 users, no problem!

$15.95/ pair. (USD) Price includes Shipping to Canada and USA.  For International deliveries, please contact me directly.

Thank You.

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